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Vocal BMX

Vocal Hitchhiker Freecoaster – Cassette Hub Left hand Drive

Vocal Hitchhiker Freecoaster – Cassette Hub Left hand Drive

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The Vocal Hitchiker Rear hub stands out from almost all other hubs as it allows you to easily switch between freecoaster and cassette. While in freecoaster mode the hub runs on a retractable pawls system and retains the weight advantage of a cassette hub. What if you try out the freecoaster but you’re not too keen? No worries just switch back! That’s the beauty of the Hitchhiker. You can also pair it up with the Vocal Hitchhiker front hub for the matching set.

This hub can work as a normal cassette with the spring kit provided but comes set up as a freecoaster initially.

  • Thick flanges for improved strength
  • CRMO male axle with thicker wall than normal. 17mm crmo axle nuts.
  • CNC shell unique to Vocal with an Engraved logo.
  • Weight 465g/1lb 1oz
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